25 May

Is there God? If God exists, then can we see Him? If and when we see Him, are we ready to ask Him questions? If so, what will your first question be? We were told when we were young that if we “behaved well and be a good person” God will be there to bless you. I guess I must have not been in God’s good behaviour list, since I have not seen Him till to-date. But the irony of it is that, we tell the same to our children and they in return to their children and so on. Oh by the way, seeing Him in this context is not after you have expired. Now I guess you will be starting to think where I am going with this. Well, carry on reading then.  

Every one of us have our respective ways to communicate with God. We believe that our way is the best and right way to seek God’s blessings. However, there are those who strongly believe that following the proper rituals or in layman’s term, the right SOP, God will acknowledge our presence. Of course there are specific people in all religions who are considered to be the bridge between the layman and God, who perform the rituals by using holy words from the various religious scriptures that we have. And yet we feel that we have not seen God. Well not all of them. Some will come out and say “Oh I have seen God. I am blessed to have gotten His blessings”. But then, they still live giving importance to the materialistic world that they are in. So now lets go back to the first question that I asked. Is there God?

There are some who believe that without the blessings God, they had succeeded in their life. They believe it was their hard work and business acumen that led prosperity in their life. They quickly denounce the fact the opportunities and the will power that they had were “not the work” of God but the recognition given to them due to their personality. Whereas there are those who go on to curse God for the miserable state that they are in. They blame God for all the misfortunes that befell them during the course of their life journey. They tend to question their very existence and ask God “why bring me to this world if I am to suffer they way I am now?” The irony of the situation is that the successful person wonders why God has not “helped” those who seek His guidance? And those who are not successful will question God’s role in making the rich more rich. So again, is there God?

Let’s look at it from my perspective. At first I too believed that God was not helping me in anyway. I made it a point that I had to work hard to achieve my dreams. I cannot be sitting and pointing my fingers elsewhere for my misfortunes. I had to take stock on what was happening and needed to make some drastic changes. I reduced seeking God’s blessings and started to focus on ways to improve myself. I never let failures to be the bane of my life. I accepted them and made them to be my strength in moving forward. I never let “people” to dictate my way of life. I never gave in to my negativity. I started to become a positive person and believed that everything happens for a reason. So where was God in my road to success? Was He there for me or did I do it with my own thought to be where I am today?

You would be surprised to know that God was indeed there from the very first decision I made. It is HE who made me realize through my thought process, that I have to help myself first before He can lend His hand. He was there all the way without needing to be present Himself. To me God is omnipresent. HE is in everyone of us. He will surely bless you in the form of other souls who would have, either directly or indirectly, assisted or still assisting you one way or the other to fulfill your dreams. God, no matter what religion or beliefs you profess, works in mysterious ways. You don’t have to see Him, you just have to feel Him as how you feel the air that you breath in. You need to embrace Him and know that He will shower you with His blessings, if you do good.

God always sends message to us all the time. But sadly, we tend to take things for granted and fail to understand them. Humanity in our society is at the lowest level. There are a lot of negativity that is being spread and thought among us. You must be the change that you seek for yourself. As I mentioned, God is in every one of us. All you need to do is to start asking yourself and seek the answer within you. To see, or better still, to feel God, start understanding yourself truly. There is a big difference between a human being and being human. Humanity must live on.

So is there God? If you are up each morning to start a new day and take the effort to become a human being, then yes. He is there……

Believe You Can

God bless

Sathia Nair  

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