20 Nov

There are many ways where one could express their feelings. By expressing our personal feelings, people may end up having their own perceptions about us. Good or bad, these perceptions, most of the time will never reach our ears. Well, not immediately though. By the time it reaches us, I am not sure if it will be worthwhile to pursue the matter with the said person or persons anymore.  

But then, our feelings can never be stopped. It will always be part of us for as long as we live. No matter what people say or think, our feelings will always be there. Do not stop or hold your feelings at any cost. People's perceptions, good or bad, it will always be there. Just let them be. You need to nurture your feelings the right way and get the best out of it. 

In the end, what you feel matters the most. Irrespective of how your feelings turns out to be, good or bad, you just keep on having these feelings. It makes you, it changes the way you portray yourself.  It may change your way of life significantly. 

Having said this, I have decided to started my blog. Much to the persuasion of my best friend who happens to be my business partner as well. She believes that I can write my feelings or thoughts better with the believe that it can reach people of all walks of life. I believe in her wisdom thus, my first such writing or better still, expressing my feelings. There are many more to come. .

My wish to all those who are reading my blog, please feel free to write your comments in a decent manner, good or bad, and I will accept them open heartedly. If time permits, I will surely reply to all your perceptions.

Be positive and believe you can...

God Bless

Sathia Nair

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