19 May

We are now, I guess, in the last phase of the MCO order. Since its inception, the MCO order has taken a toll on all of us. From the very young, to the very old, and everyone in between, no one was spared. It has disrupted our lifestyles in many ways. The liberty of how we do our shopping to the very basic necessity of having a decent haircut, has been taken away from us. And yet we are not able to point our fingers to anyone. Covid 19 has made us to look at life in a very different perspective. Rich, poor, black or white, Covid 19 does not discriminate, unlike us humans. If you fit the description and don’t follow the set rules, you will have yourself to blame.

Before, we took life for granted. We thought that there will always be a tomorrow for us to continue to reach our goals. This pandemic has crippled the whole world by just being invisible. And the precautions that we have to undertake to make sure we don’t get infected is truly mind boggling. Despite the efforts taken by the Health Ministry, there are some still adamant in wanting to die. Please do, but don’t let others to suffer because of your mistake. We are still not safe. This is just God telling us to buck up and start respecting humanity, in anyway we can.

It’s time for us to reinvent ourselves to become a better person. I guess with the time that we had and still have during these lockdowns, we would have identified many weaknesses in ourselves. From the skills that we lack, to the love that we have towards our loved ones, we need to somehow fine-tune in order to have a better understanding of ourselves before doing the same to others. Change starts from us.

Of course it will never be easy to fulfill all these needs when we are just sitting in our house each day. But then, when we were moving around before CV19, did we make any effort to seek our weaknesses. No. Because we were busy pointing the finger elsewhere. Not all but the majority of us. If you are able to change your mindset to become a positive person, then noting is impossible. It becomes possible.

By the time you come to the end of this writing, you have taken the first step in wearing your thinking cap. You will know what to do. You will know what to seek for. You will know which direction to take in order to make a difference in your life henceforth. Its never too late. God, in whatever form HE may be, is very compassionate. Let’s learn from our mistakes and change to become a better person, for yourself, family and to our beloved nation.

Believe You Can

God bless.

Sathia Nair

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